Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can a group of DJs participate in the Competition?
Yes, as long as the DJs of that group are registered as a single contestant.
2- What is the maximum number of DJs that a group can consist of?
Each group may comprise of a maximum of 4 DJs.
3- What is the age requirement?
18 years old, both for the Public and DJs.
4- Can a participant send more than 1 mix?
No, the contestants must send only one mix.
5- Can the mix be an old one, which has been already used for other competitions/occasions?
No, it should be a new original set, created especially for the WDJA
6- How can I increase my chances of getting selected?
Be as creative and unique as possible, this will be the base criteria for selection.
Also spread the word, so that you can get more points from the Public!
7- Can a Professional DJ participate?
Yes, the WDJA is open to everyone, above 18 years.
8- What style of music can be used for the mixes?
All styles within the electronic music genre are acceptable for the mixes
9- How much is the entry fee?
$ 1,000
10- Should I pay the whole amount at once?
Yes, there is no possibility for partial payments.